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Hi all,

A first version 0.0.1 of Architect PHP Framework was released.

Architect PHP Framework uses a pragmatic and modular Web development approach. The idea is to create a small API but with the most common features in web devel


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This was a fun exercise: realtime OpenLayers with Node.js + Socket.io

Take a look at http://marcoafonso.pt:30001/ luckly some will be moving your points!

All client and server code in one file. See here.


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Looking for new web application architecture...

I need a framework that:
  • is able to create real-time apps
  • has a modular architecture
  • shared modules can be used in client and server
  • transparent client/server comunication (ie. Haxe remoting)
Yes very demanding! 

After some tries I think I came to a good starting point...

Basically, this is an Hello World module:
// create module definition
var hello = function(options) {
	this.options = options || {};

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Currently he is developing MapIgniter - an Open Source GeoCMS based on Postgis, MapServer, OpenLayers and CodeIgniter.

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  • i been interested with these project. i am also developing a web gis application using mapserver, codeigniter, and openlayer. i hope we can collaborate - By rodel
  • Nice! Did you write a Haxe extern for OpenLayers API? - By Allan
  • @Allan No. This was just an exercise with haXe :) - By Marco Afonso
  • Is there actually two isuses here?1) Different semantic models for datasets in different organizations2) Different WMS syntax for parameterizing queries1 is not something that WMS can solve it's a business-level issue.As for 2, a partial solution is to use a more standard way of specifying query parameters, such as encoding queries using the filter parameter and the Filter Encoding specification. Granted, Filter Encoding is awkward and not very readable, which is why GeoServer added the ability to express filters in ECQL as well. And even then, filters are not as expressive as full parameterized SQL (for instance, you can't express grouping as in your example). So it would be nice if the OGC was able to provide a more comprehensive standard to allow easy cascading such as your example. - By Is there actually two isuses here?1) Different semantic mode
  • Thank you visitor for your observations. Which specific example are you refering to? MapIgniter is just a framework. MapIgniter has generic features like creating a map, configure OGC webservice, manage system users and allow to add generic geographic content. For different semantic models (1), custom modules have to be developed for different organizations. So, one can create a custom a webservice module that will be able to respond live to client query parameters. Anyway, as like a generic blog, no one wants to query articles with specific filters, isn't it? For further discussion, please use MapIgniter group. Thank you for your feedback! - By Marco Afonso

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